Calathea Orbifolia Care

Light: Loves bright indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight will make the color on the foliage dull and may burn the leaves.

Water: The leaves don't wilt much when it wants water so keep an eye on the soil. When the top 2cm is mostly dry water it just enough to moisten all the soil but do not leave any sitting water. 

Fertilizer: Your Calathea will be happy with a balanced fertilizer applied at ⅓ or ½ concentration monthly during the warmer months of spring and summer.

Temperature: Calatheas like a normal room temperature of 17c to 24c

Humidity: The more humidity the happier your plant. If needed, increase the humidity by sitting it on a wet pebble tray or spray it occasionally with a water spray bottle. Do not let the leaves sit wet for too long though as this can cause disease.

Pests: Susceptible to Thrips, aphids and mealybugs. These can damage the leaves and make them distorted or wilted. Spraying with warm soapy water or neem oil can remove pests.

Diseases: Calathea Orbifolia is prone to fungal infections and pests due to the high humidity requirements to make the plant happy. Proper airflow around the plant and adequate temperature ensure that there is not water sitting on the foliage for too long. 

Soil: Enjoys general house plant potting mix, anything that provides good drainage.

Pot Size: Doesn't like being re-potted more than absolutely necessary. Just keep an eye out for when your plant becomes root bound.

Pruning: Just remove yellowing or dead foliage immediately. 

Propagation: Propagation at home is not advised as Calathea Orbifolia becomes quite stressed when disturbed.

Poisonous Plant Info: Non toxic to humans and animals