Ficus Ruby Care

Light: This Ficus loves bright, indirect sunlight and can tolerate the odd bit of direct sunlight. As long as it is not in direct sunlight all day. 

Water: Water once the top of the soil becomes dry. Make sure you give it enough water to moisten all the soil. Be cautious of over watering and make sure ample drainage is there so there isn't sitting water.

Fertilizer: Only requires a general purpose houseplant fertilizer during spring / summer. Dilute the fertilizer to half potency.

Temperature: Your Ficus enjoys average room temperature of 16c to 24c. Avoid rapid changes in temperature caused by air conditioners or cold drafts.

Humidity: Average room humidity is just fine. During warmer months you can mist the leaves to increase humidity.

Pests:Mealy bug, scale and mites are common pests for Ficus. Spraying the leaves with warm soapy water will prevent these.

Diseases: Ficus can get Xanthomonas Leaf Spot if you are over watering or over fertilizing your plant. They are also susceptible to crown gall over summer months, which there is no cure for.

Soil: A well draining, aerated soil mix is great for Ficus.

Pot Size: Your Ficus will enjoy fresh soil every year and requires repotting when the roots become pot bound. Only re pot it into a pot no more than 1 inch bigger than the previous one.

Pruning: Does not require much pruning. Remove dead / dying leaves.

Propagation: Ficus can be difficult to propagate at home. You must take a stem tip cutting (a few inches long) and leave for the sap to dry for one hour. Be careful not to get the sap on your skin as it is toxic and will irritate your skin if not washed off. Use rooting hormone on your cutting and place it into a pot of fresh soil. Provide heat to the bottom of the pot (around 21c - 24c) and hopefully your cutting successfully grows.

Resting Period: Ficus, like most plants, become slightly dormant during winter months and require less watering and no fertilizer.

Poisonous Plant Info: Ficus are mildly toxic to humans and animals. The sap this plant produces is also a skin irritant if it isn't washed off immediately. Contact your doctor / vet if you ingest this plant.