Parlux Grow Lamp

Smart functions: 

The Parlux Grow lamp is a smart device powered by the SmartLife application (available on Apple & Google Play store).  The SmartLife app allows for timing functions, brightness, sunrise/sunset and can be controlled anywhere provided you have your phone. The light connects your WIFI network, it is important to check your WIFI router can output 2.4GHz frequencies as the light is not compatible with 5GHz wifi band. The SmartLife application allows for timing functions to be set up where you can select the brightness to change under certain conditions. We recommend that you set the timers up using the sunrise/sunset function so the light exposure matches the natural seasons. 

Light specifications:




50,000 hours (2080 days)

PPFD μmol/(m2·s)


PPFD/W (μmol/(m2·s)/W)


Temperature (K)

2900K (warm white)

Lumens (lm·s)



112 x Samsung 301B 3000k diodes & 

16 Osram deep red 660nm diodes 

Smart capabilities 

Compatible with 2.4GHz Wifi – App controlled.




The overall Parlux Grow Lamp has a system efficiency of 2.16 PPFD/W which is equivalent to most industrial grow lights used in horticulture and greenhouse. This means minimal heat output with significant light output. It will only cost $4.85 to run this light per month. By utilising 3000K Samsung LED Diodes (warm white) with Osram deep red diodes, the spectrum is targeted to produce accelerated plant growth whilst almost being easy on the eyes. The red spectrum is the most photosynthetically efficient wavelength for plant growth.  The temperature of this light is similar to the sunset so is easy on the eyes and won’t affect sleep patterns if left on until late in the evening.