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Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation

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The Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation is a stunning houseplant that is many people's entry into the world of variegated plants. elegance and charm. Its variegated foliage showcases creamy white and yellow speckles, resembling constellations against a deep green background. 

Care Tips: To help your Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation thrive, follow these essential care guidelines:

  1. Lighting: Provide bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, as it may harm the delicate leaves. Place it near a north or east-facing window, or use sheer curtains for light filtration.

  2. Temperature and Humidity: Maintain a warm and humid environment (18-29°C). Aim for a humidity level of 60% or higher. Misting the leaves or using a humidifier can be beneficial.

  3. Watering: Keep the soil slightly moist, but not soggy. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Check the moisture level regularly to strike a balance.

  4. Soil and Fertilizer: Plant in well-draining soil that retains moisture. Use a mix of peat moss, perlite, and potting soil. Fertilize every 2-4 weeks with a balanced houseplant fertilizer during the growing season.

  5. Pruning and Training: Trim damaged or yellowing leaves to maintain the plant's appearance. Guide the aerial roots onto a moss pole or trellis for support and to enhance its unique look.

  6. Repotting: Repot every 1-2 years as the plant grows. Choose a pot one size larger and refresh the soil for optimal growth.

  7. Toxicity: Remember, the Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation is toxic if ingested by pets or humans. Keep it out of reach.

Comes in a 17cm plastic pot.